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A truly elite service at incredible prices. With over 10 years of experience in car detailing, we are the experts you can trust.


We take pride in providing the highest quality restoration services that breathe new life into your vehicle.


Unlike most detailing services, we believe that what others call 'optional extras' such as clay bar treatments, scratch removal, tar and decontamination work, are necessities in order to give your car the finish it truly deserves. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence set us apart from the competition. 

Why Choose Tars Auto Detailing

Dedication and attention to detail is paramount. And we want to provide you not just with a reliable quality service but a memorable one.

We will come and tour your vehicle together, discussing your requirements and our approach. This ensures we can deliver exactly what you desire for your vehicle specifically.

We offer one off services, detailing gifts and maintenance plans to ensure your vehicle keeps in top notch condition year round. Maintenance plans also include seasonal considerations, such as the salt on the road in winter and pollen / dust in the summer.

Services, packages & Maintenance plans

Revive Your Car's beauty with TARS Auto Detailing

This is our standard service as we aim to make your car like new again. We will discuss details and strategies to perfect your vehicle based on your needs, usage and wants.

Those clients looking for a maintenance plan this service is the minimum required at the outset. Cadence & level of care are agreed as part of our maintenance plan*

Complete Interior: (Applicable to vehicle cockpit, passenger areas and boot)

Upholstery & carpets deep vacuum

Full dash and door cards degreased, hand dressed & sealed

Under dash degreased and protected

Steam cleaned seat mountings and high wear areas

Windows degreased and sealed


Under the bonnet: Degreased, hand cleaned & sealed

All plastics, rubbers & visible surfaces

Starting at £110, depending on vehicel size and current condition.

Complete Exterior: (Including door, boot & bonnet sills, creases & hinges)

All Painted surfaces 2 stage degrease & Decontamination

All Painted surfaces 1 stage clay bar treatment

Luxury hand wash. Snow foam available upon request

Hand / blow dry

Paint correction areas (as agreed during quote)

Specifical sealing process for paint, rubber & plastics and metallic trims



Intense degrease & decontamination

Hand cleaned  & Tyres dressed

Starting from £110..

Primed Prepped & Perfected - Our starting Package

Flashy with some flare...

Starting at £135

This is the next step in detailing. Including everything in our primed, prepped and perfected package plus:


Upholstery & Carpets wet clean and dry / Leathers fed

Roof lining & Sunshields cleaned & dressed

Dash Deep shine and seal



Single stage paint renovation on major panels

Cherry gloss seal on all surfaces

Starting at £135, depending on vehicel size and current condition.

Wheels / tyres

Wheels machine cleaned. (Acid and Alkaline options available for extreme cases)

Tyres sealed

Hidden surfaces

Boot floor, spare and tools removed, cleaned and sealed

Executive Performance package

Starting at £165

The most diligent and in-depth package we offer. Including ALL of the services of both 'flashy with flare' & ' Primed, prepped and perfected' plus services below. This service I like to call the Instagram treatment - Fiesta to Ferrari, your car will 'pop'

Wheels / tyres

Hand sealed wheels 

Extra deep shine Tyres 

Starting at £165,- depending on vehicle size and current condition.

*Main Body - Bonnet, Front and rear Wings


Leathers upholstery / trim matt or gloss finish as desired. 

Carpets / fabric upholstery scented finish



2 Stage Clay Bar treatment

Main body panels* paint 1 stage correction including scratch removal

Paint seal with basic 5 micron ceramic seal


Hidden surfaces:

Door shuts, crease and pillars hand cut and sealed

Under rear seat pan, deep vacuum, hand finished

Paint correction Service

From £150

Tars Auto detailing offers a wide range of paint correction service. Paint correction is a great, cost effective way to achieve a simply gorgeous paint finish

1 Stage correction:

As it says using 1 stage correction method this will remove the majority of minor scratches and restore deep shine to paint work

2 stage correction: 

This is a step further and is useful for deeper scratches and produces an impressive finish and incredibly smooth to the touch. 2 Stage Paint corrections offers the most value for the results obtained. 

Wet / Dry sanding correction:

This is for either deeply worn paint that can resemble an 'orange peel' texture visually. Also great for very deep scratches. This can only be carried out where paint is thick enough to allow as we use 3 stages (1K 2K & 3K) of dry sanding followed be a full 2 step correction. However the results are beyond description. 

Starting from £150 depending on size of vehicle and correction service provided.

Ceramic coatings

From £150

The ultimate in finish and protection. Following a paint correction the addition of ceramic coating will lift any vehicle to its absolute full potential. This long-lasting protective layer will guard against scratches, UV rays, and all manner of contaminants


TARS Detailing can recommend the appropriate coating for your vehicle, driving habits and requirements of finish. However we are happy to apply any specific ceramic you may desire. (Quotes given the time of car tour)

Starting from £150 depending on size of vehicle and coating service provided. 

Maintenance Plans

From £65


Starting from £65 every 2 weeks, depending on vehicle size, driving habits and mileage.

Following on from at least any of our packages we offer the scope to maintain your vehicle keeping it crips and sharp and hassle free. 

It is crucial we perform an initial detail package - to remove any previous products, (especially silicone ones from local or automated carwashes as these can attract dirt etc), contaminants and to set the standard to maintain moving forwards. 

Depending on your driving habits, mileage and requirements we will agree a cadence to continue to ensure your vehicle looks and feels its best. 


Offers & Refferals

Early bird spring prep offers:

Take one FREE....

Choose any servcie package and recive one of the following

1. Up to 5 areas of paint correction FREE

2. Bumber and bonnet protection coating FREE

3. Wheel defender coating FREE

Execuive performance package - 30% off when purchsing paint correctiont or coating services.


Refer a friend or colleague and receive a huge 25% off your next service or maintenance plan payment*


*Only valid once the referral client has booked and paid for at least our primed prepped and perfected package or higher level packages.

Ask us for a unique referral code, after your first detail is completed with us. \this is unique to you . to guarantee your discount.

Why work with us

Revive Your Ride

Experienced Team

We have been detailing vehicles for over a decade. Our chief detailer is a chartered aerospace engineer specialising in coatings and surface finish.

Attention to Detail

We take pride in our meticulous approach to car detailing, leaving no crevice untouched and delivering a outstanding finish. 

Premium Service

At TARS Auto Detailing, we use only select truly quality products providing exceptional care and protection for your vehicle. We will discuss any particualr product use to your vehicle.

Expert Auto Restoration Specialists

With over a decade of experience in car restoration, TARS Auto Detailing  is dedicated to reviving the beauty of vintage vehicles. We take pride in our craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering exceptional results.


Owner of Tars Auto Detailing with 10 years of vehicle detailing experience. Nathan is also a fully chartered aerospace engineer specialising in surface engineering. Nathan has worked on major airline and space programmes on surface finishing - perfect for ensuring your vehicles ultimate finish.


Happy Customers Share Their TARS Auto Detailing Experience

Best Detailer ive ever had. Ive never seen the water bead of my Porsche before.. the wife even my boss was impressed. Bloody great service, insane pricing and such a lovely service. Reccomeded to everyone I know and I will be back!

Eifion - Exectuive Director

Nathan was tremendous. I didn’t know what detailing meant and he walked me through it so I understood. Not pushy and very considerate he helped me select a package based on the miles I do on the motor way. Not only was I stunned with the initial results but the rain drops role of my car and weeks later its still so shiny and fresh inside! I can’t recommend you get your car detailed by Nathan enough!

Gemma  - General Manager

I’ve seen Nathan do many cars of all shapes and sizes, (I live close by) I finally gave in after seeing some really shocking transformations and asked him about the paint on my little blue run about. His prices were exceptional and if I hadn’t seen how he does the restoration, I would have guessed he re painted my car. Very happy with the work and he squeezed me in - he really did bend over backwards to

Rhys  - Executive 


See for your self..

Porsche 911 GTS Cab.

VW ID Buzz

Land Rover Discover 4.0

Ford Focus ST - Limited Edition

All Vehicle types, sizes, makes and Models - we have you covered

For more examples, detail and info see our Facebook page or Instgaram Page.


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